About Us


We are a husband and wife photography team in Hong Kong, helping an international clientele with a focus on maternity, children & family portraits, glamour, headshots and personal branding.

We have served Hong Kong clients for 20 years now, establishing the business in 1999. What has made us last this long? Simply put, we really love photographing, engaging and interacting with people! Helping you create images which are the best version of yourself at this time in your life. We love the art of sculpting light, styling your shoot, partnering with you and your family to show the loving bond you have with one another.  And we hope that energy resonates in our images and the beautiful products we create.

We have been trained by world-class master photographers in Italy, Australia and the US. We are also ably assisted by our team of talented photographers, namely, Vincent and Tony, who have helped us in a wide range of assignments including anniversaries, parties, baby showers, and other special events. We always strive strive for professional development, so we often travel overseas to learn and share with master photographers. We also have 2 wonderful children, Amber and James, who have been very patient guinea pigs when mom and dad want to test new ideas!

Please email us at info@rosaanddaniel.com or call us on (852) 2294-0481. Our address is Room 801, 12 Lyndhurst Terrace, Union Commercial Building, Central, Hong Kong.

We hope to be able to help you photograph images and create beautiful products that you will love and cherish for a lifetime. Please watch the video below to have a better idea of who we are.